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Green Detachable Blazer Double-sided Sleeve Zips

Green Detachable Blazer Double-sided Sleeve Zips


A fully detachable blazer making dressing up much easier with the help of double-sided zips on the sleeves. Just fully open the zips,  zip them up when you are ready & no need to fiddle around with the usual complicated zips. 

Elasticated insert round the waist for a snug fit.

Suitable for women with carers to help them dress up quicker, those who take extra care of their finger tips & those who wear arm prosthetics.


Price includes shipping.

Items are produced shortly after receipt of order and estimated to take up to 3 weeks.

  • Material & care

    • Outer shell: 100% cotton in GREEN
    • Machine wash warm
    • Gentle drying cycle

    • Additional care instructions are on the garment

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